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My first day of school ISBN: 9780824953058
Hallinan, P.K.
Published by Ideals Children's Books, 2002
In this American production we see Pat going off to his first day at kindergarten. Happy and excited, he meets new friends and learns lots of things, like what nametags are for, about how to cross the street safely, how to keep the classroom neat, and, importantly, where the bathrooms are! Bright and funny comic-style pictures and rhyming couplets make the whole process fun. No first-time worriers here, though on the front cover Pat looks a little doubtful. A yellow school bus is in evidence and some of the American terminology may need explaining, but this is an upbeat story full of humour and good will in both picture and text. Available in the UK from Gazelle Books, email:, Tel: 01524 68765.
Age: 5+