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Hannah goes to nursery ISBN: 9781903275023
Clive and Dorman, Helen
Published by CP Publishing, 2000
Hannah has settled well into her nursery, but occasionally needs a little extra reassurance from her teacher, Tina. We see a detailed day with Hannah and her friends (all named) sharing news time, making dot-to-dot drawings, making paper plate faces, painting, making and using play dough (with recipe), dressing up, planting seeds, playing outside, washing their hands, sampling different foods, making music, and, finally, having a story. It's a busy, happy, messy day, and at the end Hannah is delighted to show her mum what she has done. A page of information for parents about helping their child adjust to nursery and the importance of nursery education is included. This excellent series of books about Hannah in various new situations can be bought online at
Age: 2+