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Getting to know Ruben Plotnick ISBN: 9780972922555
Manning, Maurie J. and Rosenbluth, Roz
Published by Flashlight Press, 2005
Ruben Plotnick is the class clown. He is a likeable show-off and bright with it, and everyone wants to be his friend. But when Ruben offers to go home with David to do homework, David is both pleased and worried. Grandma Rosie lives with him and his family. A victim of dementia, Grandma sometimes rocks hard in her rocking chair, or talks to her long-dead husband, or demands to waltz. David finds her embarrassing, even while he loves her. He is afraid Ruben will make fun of her to the others in their class. But as it turns out, he needn't have worried. Ruben is more than equal to the occasion and happily waltzes with Grandma Rosie, perfectly understanding the situation. A lovely story about family love and about the sometimes unexpected nature of friendship. The illustrations, full of joy and fun, complement this heartwarming story perfectly. This American book is available in the UK from Gazelle (email: (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 6+