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Moving ISBN: 9780140548952 (ppbk)
Rosen, Michael and Williams, Sophy
Published by: 
  • Viking, 1993 (ISBN: 9780670848652 (hdbk))
  • Picture Puffin, 1995 (ISBN: 9780140548952 (ppbk))

A wonderful blend of poem and pictures. This is a story of moving house from the family cat's point of view. The independent puss, watched by the loving eyes of a little boy, is 'nowhere and everywhere. And that's how it is'. Then the boxes come. Everything is packed away. The cat is put in his basket, scratching and clawing, and at the new house, he runs and hides. He will not forgive the sad little boy. 'But then the trick' - food - and the cat flies 'from nowhere' and they are reunited. A very special picture book.
Age: 4+