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Harry moves house ISBN: 9780713637014
Anderson, Scoular and Powling, Chris
Published by A.& C. Black (Jets), 1993

Harry is going to have a new brother or sister, so his parents decide they must move house. When Harry discovers they are not going to a moated castle or a penthouse with a swimming pool, he sets out to snaffle the move. All his best efforts are in vain, though, and on the day, Harry and his parents and their dog and cat, pack up everything, and off they go. Harry can't feel right in the new house, and he takes the cat and dog back to the old one - where he discovers they are no longer at home either. The new family has made it a 'different place altogether'. When he gets back to his new home, he discovers that his baby sister has been born (somewhat unlikely, one feels), and all is set fair. The style is hilarious, but with a point, and the black and white comic illustrations with lots of dialogue in bubbles makes the story very accessible.
Age: 6+