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Moving gives me a stomach ache ISBN: 9780192798879
Collins, Heather and McKend, Heather
Published by O.U.P., 1991

When the little boy wakes up on moving day, it is raining. 'Maybe the house is crying because we're moving today.' His mum gives him a big box to put all his favourite belongings in, but it isn't big enough for his special tree, which he insists wants to come along too. 'If I can't take my tree, I think I will throw up.' He packs all the usual boyish detritis, but his best friend Danny won't fit in. Mum gives him a hug and a cuddle as they drive away in the rain, and he falls asleep. When they arrive at the new house, the sun is out, and there is another tree and another friend - not so good as Danny, but he'll do. 'After you finish moving, your stomach ache goes away.'
Age: 5+