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We're moving house ISBN: 9780753409978
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, Kristina
Published by Kingfisher (First Time series), 2004
Amy doesn't want to move. She will miss her friend Eve, and she will miss the flowers in the garden. But Ben is terribly excited and almost hyperactive at the prospect. The new house is big and empty and not at all welcoming, and Amy realises there are no flowers in the garden. Even Ben finds himself lonely in a room of his own and comes to share Any's bed that night. The next day Amy helps Ben find his toy car, and in doing so, they explore the house and garden, finding lots to like. When they go out to buy paint and wallpaper for their rooms (and flowers for the garden), and better still, when they find children next door, they begin to feel at home. The friendly illustrations, with the family cat, Figaro, providing reassurance on every page, help the action along. Advice was provided by the NSPCC.
Age: 4+