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I want that room! moving house ISBN: 9780750225052
Gordon, Mike and Green, Jen
Published by Hodder Wayland (New Experiences), 2000
The little boy and his sister are told they are moving to a bigger house. Is the dog coming? Will we be able to take all our toys? Will we still see our friends? Mum and dad are reassuring, and after a visit to the new house to pick bedrooms and a shopping trip for essentials, the family spend a busy week packing. The old house 'looked strange and empty', but the move is exciting - and messy! Meeting new neighbours and getting settled is fun. There is nothing about changing schools and old friends are still accessible, so this would be best for a short move. Funny, anarchic illustrations. Two pages of notes for parents and teachers, some ways to use the book for literacy and a short, annotated list of further books on this topic are useful.
Age: 4+