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Calling for Sam ISBN: 9781852138639
Ashley, Bernard and Lawton, Judith
Published by Orchard, 1995

Billy is not at all pleased about leaving the flat to move into a council house, in spite of the promised garden. Sam, his cat, is not pleased either. Everything in the flat seems familiar and safe, including Billy's old toy cupboard with all the football stickers on it. At the new house, a neighbour is angry when Billy tears up the rockery with his football. He explains that the rockery belonged to the old woman who used to live there and that it had been very important to her. Billy is very upset when Sam disappears and goes back to the flat to try to find him. But instead, he sees the new tenant tearing out his toy cupboard. This brings home to Billy just how final the move is, and when he returns home, he compares the destruction of his toy cupboard with his trying to destroy the old ladies rockery. Sam is found, and it is apparent that there will be compensations in his new home. A short, well written novel with many good black and white illustrations. Billy's strong feelings about the move are particularly well presented.
Age: 7+