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Moving ISBN: 9781842341667
Amos, Janine, Green, Gwen and Hampton, Angela
Published by Cherrytree (Separations series), 2002
A series of letters, short stories and practical advice for children having to move house. We meet Kim who will have to change schools after her move and will miss her friends, Joe, who likes his crowded house and is worried about how Binkie (the family cat) will adjust to a bigger place, Jamie, who is sad because his best friend has moved away, and Alice, who is shy and very fearful of her first day at a new school. There are lots of practical suggestions for coping, and the emphasis is on the emotional side of moving house, rather than the physical. Excellent warm and reassuring illustrations as well as photographs keep the information flowing, and there is a nice balance between warmth and naturalness of tone and the necessary didacticism. Two helplines are included.
Age: 7+