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Ahmed goes to hospital ISBN: 9780947062514
Barrett, Virginia and Pattison, Andrew
Published by Hyland House, 1989
One morning Ahmed has a big tummy pain and a sore lump in his groin. Mummy takes him to see Dr Toby right away. Dr Toby says he has a hernia - which he explains - and that Ahmed must go to hospital. At the hospital they meet Mrs Taylor, the surgeon, who says Ahmed will have a little operation to repair the hernia. Ahmed and his mum meet Nurse Helen, who is helpful and friendly, and she shows Ahmed the ward. All the pre-op procedures are shown and everything is carefully explained. Ahmed's green teddy is with him. Mum and dad are both by his bed when he wakes after surgery. He feels a little 'yukky', but by next morning is brighter. He is allowed home later that day. An impressive book. Honest, but very reassuring, and the pictures are most helpful.
Age: 3+