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Josie Smith in hospital ISBN: 9780006747208
Nabb, Magdalen and Vainio, Pirkko
Published by Young Lions, 2000
One of a series of story books about Josie Smith. There are three short stories in this volume, the last of which is the title story. Josie is going to have her tonsils out, as is her best friend Eileen. This is good news and bad news - good because she will have company, bad because Eileen is spoiled and difficult and is already boasting about the special present she will get. Percy the Panda is going along to keep Josie company as well. At the hospital Josie gets on with putting on her pyjamas while Eileen screams and wants to go home. Josie uses psychology on Eileen, as do the nurses. Some procedures are explained, particularly getting ready for theatre and how it feels to come out of anaesthetic. Josie worries in the night. She can't sleep, and when she finally does, a bad dream makes her think that the doctor will cut up Percy too, and all his stuffing will fall out. An understanding nurse is very reassuring. After the surgery, the girls sleep all that day and night, and when Eileen's mum comes for her early next morning, Josie is worried that her mum may has forgotten. The nurse lets her help around the ward, and time flies until mum arrives. A good read, and Josie gets her surprise after all.
Age: 5+