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The toy hospital ISBN: 9780749738198
Mills, Elaine
Published by Mammoth, 1999
Marianne is a china doll who lives in a treehouse with her friend, a toy squirrel. Squirrel is rather a show-off (possibly somewhat hyperactive!), and he falls from the roof. Seeing he has hurt his leg, Marianne phones an ambulance, and he is taken to the toy hospital. The doctor sews him up, and he is given crutches and allowed home but must live in a tent on the ground until he is healed. Aferwards, Marianne cleverly provides a trampoline for him so he can bounce safely. We see a few hospital procedures in the story, but it is really the wonderfully quirky, slightly old-fashioned illustrations that make this. The story is also about friendship and accepting people as they are - Squirrel will always be bouncy, and Marianne wisely understands this. A lovely book.
Age: 3+