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Doctor Miaow's big emergency ISBN: 9781846161735
Lloyd, Sam
Published by Orchard Books, 2007
This may not be the most factual of hospital stories, but it's great fun. Dr Miaow at Kiss-It-Better Hospital, is having a busy morning in a ward including a crocodile, a horse, a monkey, and a rabbit with lots of new babies (do note the charts at the end of each bed), when an emergency call from Tom Cat tells her that he has fallen from a tree and hurt his leg. Off goes Dr Miaow with Woof the ambulance driver - 'Nee-nar, nee-har' - to collect Tom. It seems he had been chasing Mr Bird when he fell, and when he is in hospital having an x-ray and a special plaster, he is suitably penitent. All is well when Mr Bird comes to visit, and they are friends again. There is lots of detail in the illustrations to discuss and enjoy and just enough of the look of a 'real' hospital to provide reassurance.
Age: 2+