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Going to the hospital ISBN: 9780746041222
Cartwright, Stephen and Civardi, Anne
Published by Usborne (First Experiences series), 2000
Ben has to go to hospital for an ear operation, probably gromits, but this isn't specified. Mum comes along, and we see lots of busy pictures of the children's ward and the procedures leading up to Ben's being taken to theatre. Ben is given gas as an anaesthetic, but the point is made in a note that parents should change this if necessary in order to make the book good preparation for their own child's experience. We see Ben up and about after his surgery, having a meal and a visit from the rest of his family. Inportantly, Ben goes home at the end. Good preparation, giving just the right amount of basic information about procedures, and the pictures are lively and fun. A completely revised edition of a book first published in 1992. There is also a 'Going to the hospital sticker book', which has the whole story plus lots of stickers to use on the pages (ISBN: 978 0746099124).
Age: 3+