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Hospital ISBN: 9781842341650
Amos, Janine, Green, Gwen and Hampton, Angela
Published by Cherrytree (Separations series), 2002
A series of letters, short stories and practical advice for children facing (or experiencing) a hospital stay. We meet Jake, who is going to have an operation, and Emily, who is to go to hospital for tests. Mum hasn't explained this and Emily, overhearing a conversation, thinks her parents are going to send her away; the point is clearly made that children must be told the truth. Anya must be in hospital, lying flat, for a long time after her operation, and she is worried her friends will forget her. Alex is angry because he has to have an operation on his leg and won't be out of hospital in time for his birthday. There are lots of practical suggestions for coping, and the emotional challenges are handled well. There is general information about procedures, particularly what to expect before surgery, and the warm illustrations and photographs are very reassuring. Three helplines are included. An excellent look at the emotional side of being in hospital.
Age: 7+