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Ginger finds a home ISBN: 9780744596489
Voake, Charlotte
Published by Walker, 2003
Ginger is a dirty, thin stray cat, with a tail 'like a piece of string'. He scavenges for food and at night sleeps in a patch of weeds at the bottom of a garden. One night when he is particularly hungry, he returns to find a plate of food. The next night the same thing happens, only this time there is a little girl too. She tries to make friends, but Ginger is too frightened and runs away. The little girl persists with the food and her attention, and, gradually, Ginger begins to trust. However, when she takes him home, he is too nervous to stay and runs away again. She is very sad, but love conquers all, and Ginger returns. The focus in the beautifully delicate illustrations is all on Ginger and the little girl. Nothing extraneous is shown, so we can see the developing love and trust. Voake has a deft way with faces. With a few pen strokes, we see Ginger's fear, the little girls affection. A superb picture book.
Age: 3+