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The greatest store in the world ISBN: 9780340743362
Shearer, Alex
Published by Hodder, 1999

In this somewhat unlikely tale, Olivia, Angelina and their mum move into a department store. Mum, while loving and remarkably honest (the family eats nothing that is not past its sell-by date), has 'itchy feet', and the family is often on the move. They have lived in some strange places and have been known to do a midnight flit. The story is told in the first person by Olivia, and there is much detail about how the family copes with life in a department store, as well as lots on Olivia's ambivalent feelings about her mum's erratic life style. While not a realistic story about being homeless, it is a good 'romp', and some children will identify with Olivia's exasperation at her mum's fecklessness.
Age: 10+