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The forbidden room ISBN: 9780571230723
Wray, Sarah
Published by Faber & Faber, 2006
This is a real page turner! Fourteen year old Jenny is a double amputee. Two years before the start of the story, Jenny and her mum were involved in a serious car crash in which mum died. Jenny has begun to come to terms with her disability but feels guilty about her mum's death. She dislikes her artificial legs. They are uncomfortable and hardly seem to be worth the effort of learning to use them. The wheelchair is easier. From a children's home which she quite likes, she is taken to a foster family, on the surface a happy situation with a five year old boy and a lovely house. But there begin to be signs that all is not well. The answer to the growing creepy situation takes some suspension of disbelief, but it's a cracking good tale, probably most enjoyed by girls. There is a rather nice romance, and Jenny's feelings about her mum and her disability are handled well. The happiest part of her story is that she realises the importance of learning to walk again and actually goes skiing with a group of other disabled youngsters. A well-written thriller.
Age: 10+