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Quiddy and the mysterious mega virus ISBN: 9780582122055
Dell, Harriet and Leonard, Alison
Published by Longman, 1995
The outstanding feature of this book is Quiddy herself. Wheelchair-bound and able to talk only with the use of a computer, she is quicksilver inside and completely accepted by her classmates. She and her dad live alone, mum having disappeared. They cope very well, and Quiddy is quite independent. However, something peculiar begins to happen country-wide - a mysterious virus affects not only computers but also people. Their speech becomes peculiar, and they say things they don't mean. The children twig that this only happens when one of their classmates is around. He has a 'control' that he zaps people with, but the effect wears off. His uncle (the real villain)is an MP, and his 'control' even makes the Queen's Speech go wrong. Soon the villain is about to take control of the country. Quiddy and her friends go to Buckingham Palace where Quiddy has tea with the Queen. Quuiddy and the Queen sort out the villain by confronting him in Parliament. Soon after this, Quiddy's mum returns. It seems Quiddy had a twin, who died, and mum ran away from coping with Quiddy's severe disabilities. She had called her Quiddy because it means 'I am what I am'. They appear set fair for a happy-ever-after, unlikely as this may seem. Quiddy comes over as normal in every way that counts. Black and white illustrations.
Age: 9+