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Jungle School ISBN: 9781405219198
Davison, Roz, Laird, Elizabeth and Sim, David
Published by Egmont (Green Bananas series), 2006
Jani Monkey uses a wheelchair, and as she's at Jungle School for the first time, the other monkeys are prone to staring. Jani feels shy, but the others are friendly and soon asking questions: 'Why has your chair got wheels? How do you make it move?' Jani is soon happily explaining, and her new friends all want a turn. Olivia says she likes the wheelchair, and Jani says she does too: ' It's what makes me me.' Then the children/monkeys talk about how everyone is different and has different talents. In the final story of three, Jani joins in dressing up with her friends, and when she fits herself up like their teacher, she's teased about being a 'cheeky monkey'. The bright and 'cheeky' pictures of the big-eyed monkeys and all their antics make this book quite special and a good way to learn about disability naturally.
Age: 5+