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The gargoyle ISBN: 9780749728892
Kilworth, Garry and Williams, Dan
Published by Mammoth, 1997

This is about facial disfigurement. The lonely stone gargoyle that lives on the monument has magic powers. Every full moon she comes alive, but she frightens everyone who sees her - until, that is, one night she finds a sad little boy. His mum has been burned in an accident and is far away in hospital. The little boy is not afraid of the gargoyle, who explains that her ugliness is of a grotesque nature, which means she has dignity. She takes Alex to see his mum. They travel quickly through the night, and when they find his mum, Alex is able to reassure her that her burned face will make no difference to him or his dad, and that she will have dignity even in her disfigurement. Short, well-written novel. Large print and impressive black and white illustrations.
Age: 8+