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Friends forever ISBN: 9781405204088
Busby, Ailie and Goodhart, Pippa
Published by Egmont, 2003
One of three books about Maxine and Minnie - the others being 'Pest friends' and 'Kind of twins'. The two girls are very different, Minnie quiet and from a single-parent family, and Maxine noisy and lively, from a big family. They live next door to each other, and, oh yes, Maxine just happens to use a wheelchair. The four chapters in this easily read book take the girls from making family trees back to Victorian times, to visiting an old house with their school mates and learning how the Victorians lived, to Minnie's learning about her dad and why she's never met him. These are real little girls, who fall out and make dens and who will always be friends. And the fact that one of them is disabled makes not one whit of difference. We see the wheelchair in a few of the black and white illustrations, and one of the episodes features the chair, but the very normality of the girls' relationship is the theme. Beautifully written - a real page-turner.
Age: 6+