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The girl who knew ISBN: 9780552546997
Glover, Sandra
Published by Corgi, 2001
Fifteen-year-old Kits has been disabled in an accident by a hit and run driver. She managed to push her friend Lisa out of the way, but she must learn to live with the fact that she will be wheelchair bound. Her emotional reactions are believable: she becomes very difficult and her whole family suffers. As this is a mystery/thriller, we learn there is something odd about the accident. Lisa can remember nothing, and, gradually, as a psychologist works with her, her family's damaged past comes out. Meanwhile, Kits has discovered unusual powers. She can make inanimate objects move, she sees incidents before they happen, and her grandfather, recently dead, comes to comfort and reassure her. In a gripping (if unlikely) climax, Kits and her two brothers save Lisa from her psychotic step-father, and Kits begins to accept her disabilities. The book is very good on Kits' emotions, and the descriptions of the abuse Lisa has suffered are believable too. Take the plot with a grain of salt!
Age: 11+