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Tillie McGillie's fantastical chair ISBN: 9780744530940
French, Vivian and Heap, Sue
Published by Walker, 1994
Tillie McGillie's home is at the top of a block of flats with 82 steps. She lives with four knitting aunts and three puffing uncles who, because she must use a wheel chair, keep her wrapped in woolly hats and scarves and can't take her down all those steps very often. She also has a gran, who is 'nearly a fairy' and comes for tea. With her magic hanky, gran makes Tilly's chair go flying through the air: 'You can hop, you can skip, you can fly through the air - Tillie McGillie's fantastical chair'. There are adventures in the flying chair before gran 'magics' the block of flats so they turn upside down and Tilly can live on the ground floor and take herself out and in. Pure fantasy, but overprotection is a theme, as is the fact that Tillie can manage better than she thinks she can. An easy read with large print and a number of black and white sketches.
Age: 5+