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Ferris Fleet the wheelchair wizard ISBN: 9781870516730
Dalton, Annie and Pearce, Carl
Published by Tamarind, 2005
Ferris Fleet is a handsome young wizard with a magical wheelchair called Wonderwheels. When Oscar and his mum and his sister Ruby come to live in the small, green world of Planet 9, they hear about the wizards, and about one particularly nasty one known as Marshbone. But when Oscar's mum is called away on a secret peace mission for the Cosmic Peace Police, a babysitter must be found for Oscar and Ruby. Fleet applies for the job, and he and Wonderwheels are such 'wizards' at it that the job is theirs. There follow adventures, including the kidnap of Ruby by Marshbone and his confederates. All is well due to Fleet and Wonderwheels. This is a short story (32pp) with plenty of pictures in both black and white and colour, and Fleet is a good role model. His magical wheelchair makes a necessity into something glamourous.
Age: 6+