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Catcall ISBN: 9781842555682
Newbery, Linda
Published by Orion, 2007
Josh and Jamie have been through a lot together - their parents divorce, Mum's re-marrying and producing a baby sister, Jenny, Dad's new girlfriend and her surly son, Kevin. Neither Josh nor Jamie seems on the surface to be upset at these life-changing developments, and, in fact, their parents and step-parents seem to have managed the whole thing with great maturity and understanding, remaining friends throughout. Josh is facinated with cats - all sorts - and has made an elaborate Book of Cats, which he adds to regularly. On a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, Jamie (9) comes face to face with a lion, and the experience turns him into an elective muts. The complex story that follows is full of layers. What has the lion 'told' Jamie? Why has he become 'Leo' and talks only in a growly tone and only when he has his lion mask on? And why is the family cat terrified? The changes in the family are part of the answer, and some near tragedies put everything into perspective. A strong novel that pictures a basically happy family whose children are adversely affected in ways no one could have foreseen by the changes around them.
Age: 9+