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Robin's country ISBN: 9780140362787
Furlong, Monica
Published by: 
  • Hamish Hamilton, 1994 
  • Puffin, 1996 (ISBN: 9780140362787)

Nine year old Richard, known as Dummy because he cannot speak, is badly abused by his master and mistress, and one night he escapes to Sherwood Forest where he falls into the hands of Robin Hood and his men. They are kind but suspicious that he may be a spy. Marian is particularly suspicious, but when Bird (as he is now called) saves Robin's life, she, too, accepts him. There are many adventures before King Richard returns and Bird learns that it was the vicious killing of his parents by Prince John that rendered him mute and made him a slave. Bird/Richard regains his speech. Good descriptions of life in the Greenwood and gripping adventure.
Age: 10+