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Dolphin boy ISBN: 9780749737306
Bertagna, Julie
Published by Mammoth, 1999

Dibs can make every sort of noise - sirens, cars, helicopters, etc. - but he cannot talk. At six years old he has never said a word. Dibs also shows signs of being autistic. He doesn't like being touched or cuddled and he doesn't look at people, but his sister, Amy is sure of his intelligence. When the family find a baby dolphin stranded on the beach, they call the rescue service and when the baby dolphin is taken to the local aquarium, Dibs is excited and pleased. In their ensuing visits it becomes clear that Dibs and the little dolphin understand each other, that they communicate through noises, and Dibs begins swimming with the dolphin. The dolphin teaches Dibs his language and Dibs begins to learn to talk by teaching the dolphin how to say Dibs. The little boy becomes more approachable too, and Amy is able to love him as she has always wanted. A short novel (87 pages) with black and white drawings and quite moving.
Age: 7+