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Sleepovers ISBN: 9780385601818
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, Jacqueline
Published by Doubleday, 2001
Daisy has just moved to a new school and has become friends with Amy, Bella, Chloe and Emily. Daisy would like Emily to be her best friend, but bossy, spoiled, arrogant Chloe already holds that post. None of the girls really like Chloe, but they are frightened of her. Each of the girls in turn has a sleepover birthday party, but Daisy is worried about hers. Her older sister Lily has massive learning and physical disabilities, and Daisy is concerned that the girls, particularly Chloe, will be unkind. The relationship between Daisy and Lily is a loving one, but we also see the tensions Lily's problems cause in the family. The way in which Chloe gets her final come-uppance at Daisy's sleepover, and the other three friends acceptance and inclusion of Lily at the party make up the denoument of the book. This story should help children with unusual siblings cope and will help them see that the seriously disabled have their role to play.
Age: 9+