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Red sky in the morning ISBN: 9780330442909
Laird, Elizabeth
Published by Macmillan, 2006
A funny and sympathetic book about a serious subject. Anna's brother, Ben, is born severely disabled with hydrocephalus, but Anna loves him. She can't tell her school friends, though, and they learn of Ben's problems only by accident. Surprisingly to Anna, they are supportive, and she learns to be proud of Ben's small accomplishments. When Ben is two, he dies suddenly of flu, complicated by his condition, and Anna is bereft. In learning to cope with her sadness, she depends on Mrs Chapman, proprietor of a local shop where Anna works on Saturdays. She also becomes babysitter for another child, Jackie, who has Down's syndrome, and she discovers a talent for teaching disabled children. Jackie's attractive but selfish older brother begins to take notice of Jackie through Anna's encouragement, and the varied strands of this satisfying story come together, showing a family growing through tragedy.
Age: 10+