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Just Ferret ISBN: 9780003300840
Kemp, Gene
Published by Collins Educational, 1993
When Owen (known as Ferret) and his volatile, artistic father fetch up at yet another town, Owen must attend Cricklepit Combined School. He puts it off as long as possible, because Ferret, though able to do many things, cannot read or write. School is a nightmare, and Cricklepit Combined is no exception. It is immediately obvious that Ferret is to be bullied by Magnus and his gang. He is small, but cocky, and the encounter with the bullies is bound to end nastily. He makes friends with Minty, a girl with a mum almost as unusual as his dad, and with Beany, a tall lad who has been ill of late. One of the teachers also sees to it that he gets lots of special help with his reading. No one will believe the children's stories about Magnus bullying. He seems to be the school's bright hope, but Ferret's care assistant begins to have an inkling ot the true state of things. After Magnus and his chums mug Ferret and steal his money, the three children almost lose hope, but Magnus and Co. have not counted on Ferret's dad. He and Joker (their large, shaggy dog) sort them out, and Ferret becomes a sort of hero for several reasons. He also learns to read. His problems may have been dyslexia or may have been a block, but by the end of the story, he is seeing light. Humorous and gritty.
Age: 10+